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Slade's An American Grill

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Tysons 1 mall upper level
Tyson's Corner, VA 22102 View Map
Phone: (703) 760-9030

Neighborhood: Tyson's 1 Mall
Price: $15.01 - $30
Dress: Dressy Casual
Alcohol: Full Bar
Smoking: Not Permitted
Accessibility: Partially
Accepts: Cash
Visa American Express Carte Blanche
Parking: Own Parking Lot
Reservations: Large Groups Only

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Restaurant - American, Steakhouse

Hickory grilled steaks, hamburgers, seafood, and salads. Located upper level of Tysons 1.

What users are saying about Slade's An American Grill:
"I went to Slades along with some family members on 5/31/08, to celebrate my granddaughter's graduation from high school. They ordered a variety of items, but I ordered the Cobb Salad w/Buttermilk Garlic dressing and the grilled vegetables. It was absolutely delicious. My granddaughter recomme..." (Read More)

What users are recommending:
"Mickey's Pasta and crabcake sandwhich Mickey's Pasta of course Loaded Baked Potato & House Salad"

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Date Posted: Saturday, June 14, 2008 7:40 AM (report spam)

I went to Slades along with some family members on 5/31/08, to celebrate my granddaughter's graduation from high school.
They ordered a variety of items, but I ordered the Cobb Salad w/Buttermilk Garlic dressing and the grilled vegetables. It was absolutely delicious. My granddaughter recommended the salad to me. I was oh so happy when my husband said to me today, let's do something special today and go to Slades. We will be on our way there in a few hours. I would definitely recommend Slades to other family member and friends. The service was great and the atmosphere was very relaxing.

Date Posted: Monday, March 24, 2008 2:22 PM (report spam)

One two separate occasions I found the food cold and enough second hand cigarette smoke to please a four pack a day habit. If you want to pay for second hand smoke and cold food Slades is a great place. If you wan to eat and actually enjoy the food and breath at the same time, find another placeā€¦ anyplace.

Date Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2008 6:03 AM (report spam)

Went to Slade's for the first time on Feb. 22, 2008. The service and food were excellent! We had to wait over 30 minutes for another couple to arrive and the server was very patient and nice about that. We each had a beer while we waited. Our friends ordered two different burgers, both done just as asked, and delicious. I had the steak salad and it was by far the best steak salad I have ever had with really tender and tasty steak and a good mixture of luscious greens, cheese, and yummy italian dressing. It was a large and very satisfying choice. My husband ordered a baked potato which was enormous and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Our friends told us that they have been to Slade's numerous times and the food is always very good. I found the prices to be reasonable as well. Bravo.

Date Posted: Thursday, January 03, 2008 12:20 PM (report spam)

I have to say I will never go back to this Slade location ever again. My order came out completely wrong and when I asked to talk to the manager , he made me feel like it was completely my fault. I sat there in complete shock because I come from a customer service oriented job and would never treat a customer that way. I decided not to even eat lunch there ever again.

Date Posted: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 7:27 AM (report spam)

Chicken Tenders Platter
This is the best chicken tenders platter I have ever had. The chicken is so juicy and fresh! The batter is crispy and not too thick or soggy. I highly recommend this to chicken lovers. Also the honey mustard that it comes with is great, but try the garlic buttermilk as a dipping sauce. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm! Slades is the restaurant that my girls and I go to have our monthly dinner dates.
Service is always great. I have recommended this restaurant to everyone that I know and they love it as well.

Date Posted: Sunday, December 26, 2004 (report spam)

Loaded Baked Potato
The first time I went to Slade's, I was a little linent about the food since I am not too big on ribs and steaks. But when I tried the loaded baked potato, it was the best. So now I go to Tyson's Corner just for the baked potato. I also refer family and friends there, and they love the baked potato as well. Oh, do try the salad. And guess what? They baked their own crutons too. Please do try it, it's the best.
Recommended: Loaded Baked Potato & House Salad
Food: 10
Service: 8
Ambiance: 8
Overall: 8

Date Posted: Friday, April 16, 2004 (report spam)

Mickey's Pasta
On our trip to Washington DC, and after having some absolutely disgusting meals, finding Tyson's Mall and Slade's was a true welcome to the palate! I had Mickey's Pasta and am going into withdrawls! It was really yummy.. I was a little leary of the pine nuts at first but wow.. yum.... Thank goodness after those other disasters that we found a wonderful restaurant and we all wished we were staying much closer so we could go there every night! It is definitely worth the trip out to this restaurant at least once if you're in DC (Northern Virgin
Recommended: Mickey's Pasta of course
Food: 10
Service: 10
Ambiance: 8
Overall: 8

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 (report spam)

Mickey's Pasta
My husband has withdrawal pains if he doesn't have his Mickey's Pasta at least once a month. Try it with a buttermilk garlic dressing on the side. It's unbelievable!!! I love the crabcake sandwich. We've never had a bad meal yet and we've been going to Slades for at least 10 years now!
Recommended: Mickey's Pasta and crabcake sandwhich
Food: 10
Service: 10
Ambiance: 8
Overall: 10

Date Posted: Monday, August 25, 2003 (report spam)

For a tender, no fat, juicy, sweet rib---go to Slade's!!!! Underrated in the DC area, maybe because it's in a mall, Slade's ribs are the best in the area, bar none. Have gone there for years, once a month, and never disappointed.
Food: 8
Service: 6
Ambiance: 6
Overall: 8

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